Standard Website Package

Look below and see if our Standard Website package is right for you. 

Included features in the Standard Website Package “base price”

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Design Consultation

Besides communicating with our clients throughout the project, Donley Concepts sets aside up to two hours to walk through your vision and talk about options to make sure the website is designed to meet your needs and business goals.

Custom Graphics and Layout

Although most websites will start with a basic ‘THEME”, we will make adjustments and customizations to include graphics (banners, icons, call to action bars, etc.) based on your existing logos and images you want to use.

Menu/Navigation Setup

Donley Concepts uses best practice for setting up your website navigation, insuring your visitors are encouraged to visit the most important parts of your website.

Content/Page Setup

The Donley Concepts Standard Website Package comes with as many as 20 content pages for no additional cost.

Additional pages are available for larger websites. See pricing below.

Blog Setup

The Donley Concepts Standard Website includes up to 10 pre-made blog post, allowing you to populate your blog prior to launching your website.

Most clients choose to add their own blog posts, but we can add more for you for an additional cost. See pricing below. 

Basic Plug-ins Installation and Setup

Adding special features to your website such as integrated maps, calendars, and image galleries is not a problem. There are countless free features available.

Premium Plug-ins are also available at market cost plus installation. See pricing below. 

Website Performance Tracking

The Donley Concepts Standard Website comes standard with Google Analytics Tracking. We will install the necessary code and show you how to view your website traffic on your computer or phone at any time of the day.

Premium Add-ons

Click on options for descriptions and current price estimates.

Premium Theme

The Standard Website package includes several basic layout options at no additional cost. So people hosting family blogs or a simple website for a small organization may be fine with these options. However most businesses will want to choose a theme that better fits their needs. Premium website themes are usually more customizable and rich with features that make it look and feel incredible.

The most sought after feature found in our Premium Themes option is “Theme Responsiveness”, which simply means the website adjusts to the screen size. So when someone finds your website on a laptop, tablet, or mobile device, it will look incredible in every setting.

Today, if your website is not responsive or uses plug-ins such as Macromedia Flash to display content, it might as well be non-existent for a majority of mobile users.

$100 for installation and setup of premium themes

Social Media Connectivity

We can setup Social Media accounts for your organization, connecting your social media accounts and your website to communicate on a higher level, allowing blog posts to feed directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, saving you hours of posting time. See pricing below.

$50 for social media integration (Facebook & Twitter)
$25 per additional service (Yelp, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.)

Membership Section

Do you have content that you only want organization members or employees to see? We can setup your website to include members only sections. We can also have tiered sections for different organization levels, (members, management, etc.)

Pricing starts at $100

Paid Membership sections are only available through our eCommerce Website Package

Premium Plug-Ins

We find that free plug-ins, although they technically work, are not always as visually pleasing as paid options. Depending on your needs, there are countless fully customizable options available.

Pricing varies by feature

Additional Content Pages

Although most clients will find that 20 content pages will exceed their needs in a standard website, we realize other clients simply have more to share with their visitors.

$25 per additional page

If you are looking for regular website maintenance and updating services, visit our Other Services page.

Additional Blog Pages

If you need us to add more posts to your blog, we can save you some time. Our standard website pricing already includes 10, but we can always add more for you.

$25 per additional post

If you are looking for regular website maintenance and updating services, visit our Other Services page.

Standard Web Hosting

Donley Concepts works with,, and other top rated web hosting services to ensure that your website is fast and reliable. You can add web hosting (including monthly online software updates) to any Standard Website design for as low as $10 per month. See our pricing…

Monthly Payment Option

Includes standard monthly website software checks and updates.

$16 per month

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Advance Payment Options

Includes standard monthly website software checks and updates.

$144 – 1 Year in Advance
($12 per month)

$240 – 2 Years in Advance
($10 per month)

Prior to the end of your 1-2 year service agreement, you will be notified about a renewal of services.


These are just some of the more common add-ons and features that are requested. If you have other needs, simply ask.

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